Promotion of ACI

The Association of Christian Investigators exists for the benefit and use of investigative professionals. As such, ACI would hope that each member would do their part in promoting ACI and is even a good source of media exposure for the local investigator. Primarily, ACI is promoted through word of mouth, the web site, mail outs and media exposure. ACI has already received exposure from various radio stations, newspapers and industry related magazines. We would encourage each member to promote ACI and to use ACI as a source of promotion for their business.

The Association of Christian Investigators has many new areas that we are addressing as a means to enhance benefits to the organization, the members and the Church. Many of these will be added gradually and some are already in the making which include:

“ACI Referrals”: Our list of members is provided under the Membership Directory area.  We would encourage you to assist members in out-sourcing investigative assignments to other Christian PI’s throughout the world. ACI is not responsible for the work product in these types of situations and only acts as a source of locating a PI in a different geographic area.

“ACI Conventions”: ACI has attempted stand-alone conventions and have found that most private investigators attend conventions held by state, national or international associations in which they belong.  For this reason, we have found that combing our meetings with these other conferences have been the most widely accepted method.  As our membership increases, we will revisit the area based on the needs and desires of our membership.

 “ACI Facebook”: ACI has created a Facebook page to allow our members the ability to better communicate in the social media so prominent in today’s marketplace. This is a closed account that requires a person to be granted access.  Even so, please be cognizant of your postings to insure we maintain a welcoming atmosphere for all involved.