Organization Structure

The Association of Christian Investigators is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Local and State Chapter Directors have been appointed and will continue to be appointed in new areas of membership.


The Association of Christian Investigators seeks to provide a local source of encouragement and fellowship. To do so, Local Chapters are designated with a Chapter Director in charge of each. A Chapter Director is to be a person of proven integrity, in good standing in the community and free of any criminal history. The responsibilities of the Chapter Director will be to coordinate periodic meetings with local members, assist in membership enrollment, provide guidance to ACI and to assist as needed. The Local Chapter Director will coordinate their efforts and responsibilities with the State Director.


I. Function: The Chapter Director’s position is a non-paid, volunteer position aimed at assisting the Association of Christian Investigators respond to the needs of ACI members. In addition, this position will work directly with the President of ACI to assist in developing policies, procedures, agendas and future directions of ACI.

II. Responsibilities: The Chapter Director will be responsible for promoting ACI on a local level which will include:
A) assisting in membership enrollment
B) developing local chapter meetings whereby a sense of Christian camaraderie can be developed among members
C) promoting the PI industry through our examples as Christian Investigators
D) encouraging prayer for chapter member needs
E) assisting in gathering information and articles for use in the ACI newsletter
F) contacting local media representatives to obtain exposure for ACI
G) assisting ACI in developing and implementing new activities, directives and goals to enhance the over-all effectiveness of the organization.

III. Term: Each director of a local chapter will be asked to serve for a period of one year beginning January 1st and ending December 31st of the same year. Directors will be considered for, and encouraged to continue serving additional terms after their initial term has been completed.

IV. Legal Authorization: The director of a local chapter of ACI does not have the power or authority to bind ACI to any contract or agreement, written or otherwise. In addition, no monetary expenditures are authorized without prior authorization from the President of ACI.