Future Directions

ACI has many new areas that we are addressing as a means to enhance benefits to the organization, the members and the Church. Many of these will be added gradually and some are already in the making which include:

“ACI Referral System”: The referral system is designed to assist members in out-sourcing investigative assignments to other Christian PI’s throughout the world. ACI is not responsible for the work product in these types of situations and only acts as a source of locating a PI in a different geographic area.

“ACI Conventions”: ACI has already held it’s first regional meeting in California in June of 1997. Plans are in the making for additional regional meetings and yearly conventions which will include speakers on industry related topics.

“ACI Cornerstones”: ACI intends to provide members with access to one of the most comprehensive data, records and information sources available on the Internet. By accessing upcoming improvements in the website, members will be able to identify sources for investigative and general information available on the Internet and through information brokers.

“ACI Alert Line”: ACI intends to provide a source of data for staff members of Churches regarding those individuals who become known to the Church community as violent, disruptive or disorderly persons. Appropriate documentation such as police reports are required before a person is posted to the Alert Line.

“ACI Press Officer”: ACI will attempt to identify a person qualified to become the Press Officer for ACI. Duties will include promoting ACI to the media and identifying potential press opportunities for ACI.

“ACI Membership Director”: ACI will attempt to identify a person qualified to act as the director of membership and will be responsible for directing membership information to potential candidates.

“ACI Advertisements”: ACI intends to allow members to advertise their company and services to others through the ACI Newsletter at a nominal fee.