Association of the Year (1996-97)

by the National Association of Investigative Specialists

The Association of Christian Investigators (ACI) is an organization designed to provide an environment in which an investigator can create meaningful and long-term relationships with other investigators who share common interests outside of the professional bonds. When the additional burdens of running a business, government controls, employee problems and similar situations are added, we feel that the investigator should have a “God-Centered” outlet. The ACI provides members with the opportunity to share experiences, praises, problems and news through the ACI newsletters. In addition, local Chapters are being organized to facilitate monthly meetings in a non-competitive atmosphere to help the investigator.

Block 1

The ACI Mission

ACI’s mission is to integrate the investigative profession with Christian beliefs, standards and principals. In doing so, ACI intends to assist the individual, the profession and to give glory to God.

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Why should I join?

If your life is Christian centered, find out a few reasons why you should consider joining ACI!